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Database : Complete School Management System Database with source code.

School Management System Source Code

/*Complete School Management system Database*/

create table public.tbl_Schoo(sch_id serial primary key,
sch_name varchar(40) not null,
sch_address varchar(50)not null,
sch_phone_no integer unique)

create table public.tbl_student(st_id serial primary key,
roll_no integer unique,
st_name varchar(40)not null,
pa_id integer not null , /*FK*/
reg_id integer not null, /*FK*/
st_phone_no integer unique,
st_DOB date not null,
st_gender varchar(10)not null,
st_email varchar(40)unique,
constraint parient_id foreign key(pa_id) references tbl_parient(pa_id),
constraint registration_id foreign key(reg_id) references public.tbl_registration(reg_id)
create table public.tbl_parient(pa_id serial primary key,
pa_name varchar(40)not null,
pa_phone_no integer unique,
Pa_occupation varchar(30)not null
create table public.tbl_registration(reg_id serial primary key,
reg_no integer not null,
reg_date date not null)

create table public.tbl_course_reg(co_id serial primary key ,
co_name varchar(30) not null,
co_date date not null,
st_id integer not null,
constraint st_id foreign key(st_id) references public.tbl_student(st_id)
create table public.tbl_class(cls_id serial primary key ,
cla_name varchar(30) not null,
st_id integer not null, /*FK*/
co_id integer not null,
teacher_id integer not null,
room_id integer not null,
cls_date date not null,
cls_start_time time not null,
cls_end_time time,
constraint student_id foreign key(st_id)references public.tbl_student(st_id),
constraint course_id foreign key(co_id)references public.tbl_course_reg(co_id),
constraint teacher_id foreign key(teacher_id)references public.tbl_teacher(teacher_id),
constraint room_id foreign key(room_id)references public.tbl_rooms(room_id)
create table public.tbl_teacher(teacher_id serial primary key,
te_name varchar(40) not null,
te_phone_No integer not null,
te_email varchar(34)unique,
te_gender varchar(20)not null,
te_join_date date not null)

create table public.tbl_rooms(room_id serial primary key,
roll_no integer unique)

create table public.tbl_quezies(quz_id serial primary key,
quz_date date not null,
quz_type_id integer not null,
st_id integer not null,
teacher_id integer not null,
course_id integer not null,
marks integer not null,

constraint strudent_id foreign key(st_id)references public.tbl_student(st_id),
constraint teacher_id foreign key (teacher_id)references public.tbl_teacher(teacher_id),
constraint course_Id foreign key (course_id) references public.tbl_course_reg(co_id),
constraint quz_type_id foreign key(quz_type_id) references public.tbl_quze_type(quz_type_id)


create table public.tbl_quze_type(quz_type_id serial primary key,
quz_type_name varchar(10)not null)

create table public.tbl_paper(p_id serial primary key,
st_id integer not null,
teacher_id integer not null,
quz_id integer not null,
co_id integer not null,
p_date date not null,
total_marks integer not null,
obtain_marks integer not null,

constraint student_id foreign key (st_id)references public.tbl_student(st_id),
constraint teacher_id foreign key (teacher_id)references public.tbl_teacher(teacher_id),
constraint quze_id foreign key (quz_id)references public.tbl_quezies(quz_id),
constraint co_id foreign key (co_id)references public.tbl_course_reg(co_id)

/* student free detilas */

create table public.tb_free(f_id serial primary key,
st_id integer not null,
f_date date not null,
invoce_no integer not null,

last_date date not null,
amount decimal(18,3) not null,
free_dues_id integer not null,
free_type_id integer not null,
bank_id integer not null,

constraint free_dues_id foreign key(free_dues_id) references public.tbl_free_dues(free_dues_id),
constraint free_type_id foreign key(free_type_id) references public.tbl_free_type(free_type_id),
constraint bank_id foreign key(bank_id) references public.tbl_bank(bank_id)

create table public.tbl_free_dues(free_dues_id serial primary key,

due_date date not null,
due_amount decimal(18,3)not null)
create table public.tbl_free_type(free_type_id serial primary key,
free_type_name varchar(29),
status varchar(20) not null,
amount decimal(18,3) not null)

create table public.tbl_bank(bank_id serial primary key,
bank_name varchar(12) not null,
bank_phone_no integer not null,
schoo_account_no integer not null,
deposit_date date not null,
deposit_amount decimal(18,3)

/* manage school employee*/

create table public.tbl_employee (emp_id serial primary key,
emp_name varchar(15) not null,
emp_NO integer not null,
emp_father_name varchar(12) not null,
emp_cnic_NO varchar(15) unique ,
emp_phoneN0 integer unique,
emp_join_date date not null,
emp_status varchar(13) not null,
emp_designation_id integer not null,
emp_type_id integer not null,
emp_category_id integer not null,

constraint dsignation_id foreign key (emp_designation_id) references public.tbl_designation(emp_designation_id),
constraint emp_type_id foreign key (emp_type_id) references public.tbl_employee_type(emp_type_id),
constraint emp_category_id foreign key (emp_category_id) references public.tbl_employee_category(emp_category_id)
create table public.tbl_designation (emp_designation_id serial primary key,
des_name varchar(19) not null)
create table public.tbl_employee_type(emp_type_id serial primary key,
emp_type_name varchar(14)not null)
create table public.tbl_employee_category(emp_category_id serial primary key,
emp_cate_name varchar(14) not null)

/* employee Salary manage database */

create table public.tbl_salary(salary_id serial primary key,
emp_id integer not null,
emp_designation_id integer not null,
allwoance_id integer not null,
bonus_is integer not null,
advance_salary_id integer not null,
total_salary decimal(18,3) not null,
salary_ststus varchar(13),
constraint employee_id foreign key(emp_id) references public.tbl_employee(emp_id),
constraint designation_id foreign key(emp_designation_id) references public.tbl_designation(emp_designation_id),
constraint allwoance_id foreign key(allwoance_id) references public.tbl_allawoance(allwoance_id),
constraint bonus_id foreign key(bonus_is) references public.tbl_bonus(bonus_is),
constraint advance_salary_id foreign key(advance_salary_id) references public.tbl_advance_salary(advance_salary_id)
create table public.tbl_allawoance(allwoance_id serial primary key,
all_name varchar(12) not null,
all_status varchar(13) not null,
all_amount decimal(18,3) not null)

create table public.tbl_bonus(bonus_is serial primary key,
bonus_name varchar(23) not null,
bonus_amount decimal(18,3) not null,
bonus_status varchar(23) not null

create table public.tbl_advance_salary(advance_salary_id serial primary key,
emp_id integer not null,
advances_salary_for_months decimal(18,3) not null,
total_amount decimal(18,3) not null,
recover_duration integer not null,
per_month_recover_amount decimal(18,3) not null,
recover_date date not null)

/* user and role */

create table public.tbl_user (user_id serial primary key,
user_name varchar(39) not null,
password varchar(23) not null,
role_id integer not null,
constraint role_id foreign key(role_id) references public.tbl_role(role_id)
create table public.tbl_role(role_id serial primary key,
role_name varchar(34) not null)

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